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further schooling
Thought on Mar 1 2006
   Maybe I'll get a degree in "Law of the Sea"

Thought #3
Thought on Feb 27 2006
   Russia, or rather The Russian Federation, is so smart. Apparently they're the only ones that can begin to negotiate with Iran. They understand the give and take of diplomacy, and do the dirty work so we can still be the bad cop. Unless we're pulling Russia's arm to be the good cop. I don't even know, but Russia is totally smart. W2G Russian Federation!

Second Thought
Thought on Feb 16 2006
   After watching curling in the olympics, I totally want to try it now. I would want to be the thrower-let'ergo guy. The only problem is that I don't know of any curling leagues in the area. Shuffleboard is pretty close, maybe there's a shuffleboard league somewhere. Is shuffleboard in the summer olympics?

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