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:the winds of power diary:
Its Hurting
Dear Diary,
I just got back from South of the Mason Dixon line(Good ole Georgia) and am now lost and confused in this northern enviroment. People are so short tempered and fast paced up here. It's been tough coming back to work and sit at a desk all day listening to frustrated clients and co-workers. Man we just need to all take a chill pill and get with the program. I have now decided that if Dave goes to Tokyo than i am going too.
by Jeremy


EASTERN SUCKS... ask about how they're screwing me, it's really nice how they take care of their alumni and their workers...
by jch    (Mar 14 2006)

I think it is the north. we may have been all about abolishing slavery, sort of. but we sure are not with the program. the same thing happened when to me when I came back from Japan. I knew it was coming, and was not looking forward to busy-bustling-rude-white-people. everywhere else is better. oh, and quit your job. we'll start some dotcom business. it'll work, i read magazines.
by dave    (Mar 15 2006)

How are they screwing you Justin? I am asking.
by Jeremy    (Mar 15 2006)

easier to explain not via a messageboard.

in short, i'm being let go because my job is holding me back and i'm too good for it... so they say.
by jch    (Mar 16 2006)

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