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Ziranthium Studios Update
if any of you have ever clicked on the "Other Awesome Websites" link for Ziranthium Studios you may have seen a really crappy single page site that only hosts another crappy single page for Adam Goulds latest recording session. Well, good news.

ZS is going under the knife, after some lengthy debate and thought I've decided that it was time to really crank out some work on the site. I've kicked it into high gear and hope to launch the new site early next week. It's getting a total face lift, as we all know form dictates function, which means that site will become much more functional as a result of its new supper sexy look.

The idea is to develope a community, similar to WOP, but not only create a new community we hope to bind the communities of ZS and WOP together in blissful harmony. ZS will not be another version of WOP, my vision is that ZS and WOP will become extensions of one another.

Please bear with me as the next few weeks there will be a lot of changes to the look and feel of Ziranthium Studios. My biggest priority right now is getting the new look up and running, the function will follow shortly.


P.S. In case you're wondering what the hell Ziranthium Studios is, it's basically a hosting/developement site for people interested in freelance Web Graphics Design and Site Design. Someday we'll charge, but we need a portfolio first.
by Ziranthium


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