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:the winds of power diary:
so i don't know if anyone else was reading the most recent issue of the esteemed waltonian, but apparently this junior at eastern has landed a supporting role on One Tree freaking Hill for two seasons.

What the crap is that about? I wish it was someone I knew. It would be a heck of a lot more exciting to see a friend on a network tv show, so I could be all like, "man, that's so weird, I can't believe Josiah is an actor on One Tree Hill." Since I don't know the guy, it doesn't even matter.

Maybe I'll be on One Tree Hill one day. That would be sweet. By the time that happens, I'd probably be the old guy basketball coach. Speaking of that guy, they didn't kill him off did they? If they did I'm going to stop planning on watching the show again at some point in the future.
by dave


One Tree F**king Hill????? wow, why would you want to be on that show?
by Ziranthium    (Feb 24 2006)

by dave    (Feb 24 2006)

babes huh?
by Ziranthium    (Feb 24 2006)

uh huh
by dave    (Feb 25 2006)

man, i forgot that show was even on. shouldnt they be in college by now? i am such a lame ass for not watching that show. i need to come visit you fools.
by guest    (Feb 26 2006)

yes. you do. you should also log in when you leave a comment, bill nye the science guy.
by dave    (Feb 27 2006)

oh snap, you got owned
by Ziranthium    (Feb 27 2006)

yo, would you like me to get you a spoon so you can eat my ass? who won the war bitches!
by guest    (Feb 28 2006)

certaintly not anyone from down in second-class land.
by dave    (Mar 1 2006)

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