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Rock and the Roll
I want to be in a rock band. I'm getting older and not any closer to being in a super-awesome rock band. I gotta hustle.
by dave


yo, you can join beat atlas
by eric    (Feb 22 2006)

the human race is not ready for the power of our combined lyrical stylings.
by dave    (Feb 23 2006)

yo, you can join my rock band. but you have to live by the way of the sword. and you already know that if you live by it, you die by it. so expect that. but it's a sweet rock band.
by piramida70    (Feb 23 2006)

Rock bands are for sissy's. Start a polka band, that's the realm of the truly bad ass. Only real men play accordians, baby pansy men rely on electric guitars and distortion. Just don't forget to have a harmonica player, and if you can manage to find the few elite men who have mastered the hammer dulcimer in all of its glory, then and only then, will you truly find meaning and purpose in a world drowned out by pussy rock music. Herein lies your destiny.
by Ziranthium    (Feb 23 2006)

ok i retract my statement and now agree with napalm. in fact, from now on nate speaks for the both of us.
by guest    (Feb 26 2006)

let me be in you sweet ass band!
by jch    (Mar 1 2006)

by dave    (Mar 1 2006)

1st band practive tonight, 8pm... actually it's one tree hill not band practice and your ass is still too cool to show up to one tree hill nighs since like october...
by jch    (Mar 1 2006)

man, and i actually could have come tonight, too.
by dave    (Mar 1 2006)

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