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Drunk bastards
Friday night I ended up drinking at three seperate locations. I remembered the next morning (afternoon) why I didn't stay up till 7:45 am drinking very often.

This post, however, is dedicated to Dave and Jeremy, the drunkest mofos I say that evening. Someone needs to post a picture of Jeremy curled up in the bathroom. I know like 17,312 of us have it on our phone or camera.

by jch


thanks for putting on the sausagefest. next time we are going to have a mortal kombat tournament since i was owning josh so hard.
by dave    (Feb 20 2006)

AGREED. MK and more alcohol at Sausagefest Part Deux.
by jch    (Feb 20 2006)

Oh its on Dave! I will destroy you in Mortal Kombat next time.

And thank you Justin, It was awesome
by josh    (Feb 21 2006)

yo yo....i missed it, I gotta get in on the next one, by the way, i suck at mortal kombat
by kaas    (Feb 21 2006)

Dave was so drunk that he threw himself down the staircase. I am proud of the little guy.
by Radway    (Feb 22 2006)

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