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liberian v-day
i wore a pink sweater for the first time in my life today. what a, it was because i help lead a support group for refugees in philly and today we talked about valentines days. but i don't need to justify myself. but i wore it because of the group. what do you wear to work? i want to know
by piramida70


i rotate between khakis with a nice button-down and hot brown mossimo pants with a retro button-down. that's how I roll. Except for Fridays. Friday is casual day and I wear blue jeans with a classy t-shirt.
by dave    (Feb 14 2006)

it's not really what i where on the outside that matters. What matters is that underneath my business attire is my spandex super hero suit and with it i ensure that justice is i am wearing jeans and that makes me happy.
by Jeremy    (Feb 17 2006)

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