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hey, tell me how to make this website cool. or tell me if something is lame and i need to change it or get rid of it completely.
by dave


ya know what is lame... you!
by jch    (Feb 9 2006)

by dave    (Feb 9 2006)

Oh man, look at these MySQL erros!

Other than that I can't think of anything to make it cool yet. If I do I'll let you know
by josh    (Feb 9 2006)

totally fixed
by dave    (Feb 9 2006)

machetes would be cool. have them fly out at the people like powerful wind.
by piramida70    (Feb 9 2006)

how about pay me $10 every time i log on.
by SkinnyT    (Feb 12 2006)

you should start by putting up the pppso video of kiernan. playing the recorder. or basically any videos from apartment 2sic.
by eric    (Feb 12 2006)

yes to eric, no to thom
by dave    (Feb 13 2006)

you should allow people to comment on the movies.
by jessy    (Feb 13 2006)

good idea.
by dave    (Feb 14 2006)

I think it would be nice if you sent me some messages through my mail feature so that it would look like I have friends, and would it hurt if you kept out of the dinner rolls till we are ready to eat, you are going to spoil your dinner!
by Harry    (Feb 15 2006)

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