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Really Crappy Movies That Piss Me Off PART II
I feel really bad that you watched that movie Nate, but it couldn't have been as bad as Hollow Man. After watching this movie my faith took a strong beating as I wondered if there in fact was a God. If there was how could he have let this movie happen? Why? Why won't Kevin Bacon die (in the movie AND in real life)? Who wrote this piece of shit? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why God, Why?
by SkinnyT


man, i haven't seen either movie. i wonder what would happen if i watched hollow man and fever pitch in the same day.
by dave    (Feb 6 2006)

by SkinnyT    (Feb 6 2006)

dave, i tried to sign up... but it won't let me sign up, my email address is too long for the field you have in the sign up screen...
by guest    (Feb 7 2006)

fixed. it will allow 40 characters now. if your email address is longer than that, that is sooo weird. i think thom will get an email that I left a comment. who are you?
by dave    (Feb 7 2006)

your mom...
by guest    (Feb 7 2006)

i havent seen either movie either. i'm pretty pumped about not having partaken in said movies.
by eric    (Feb 7 2006)

i'm only 2 degrees away from kevin bacon, making you all 3 degrees away from kevin bacon, just in case you were wondering.
by jessy    (Feb 8 2006)

F Kevin Bacon. His name makes me hungry. But i still don't like him...and now that i'm 3 F-ing degrees away from him i'm going to have to go on a baby goose killing rampage. The only way to make up for this atrocity is to shed the blood of innocent geese.
I hope my boss never finds your site Dave. If he reads the things that i write he might have me go see the company psychiatrist, and they make me want to kill even more baby geese.
by Ziranthium    (Feb 8 2006)

then its settled; the geese must die...
someone call crazy tom!
by SkinnyT    (Feb 9 2006)

wow, nate, you have a company psychiatrist. freaking sweet. i'm gonna tell your boss so much crap about you until he makes you go.
by dave    (Feb 9 2006)

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