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The Real Mr. T
Mr. T was born May 21, 1952 in chicago Illonios. His parents gave him the name Laurence Tureaud upon his coming into the world. Life was difficult growing up with his seven brothers and four sisters in the housing projects of chicago. After football, martial arts, the U.S. army and body guarding, Mr. T decided to become a star. In 1980 he legally changed his name and went on to star in Rocky III as Clubber Lang and Sergeant Bosco on The A-Team. Recently he has focused his efforts on aiding victims of Katrina and starting a telivison show that will focus on Christians doing good deeds for others. He will also be making an appearance in the upcoming Rocky VI schedualed to premier February 2007.
by Jeremy


you didn't cite your source(s). Oor do you know Mr T personally?
by dave    (Feb 3 2006)

I don't even know what to think. Did you quote an encyclopedia or something? You could have at least put in the part where his name on the A Team was B.A. Baracus (B.A. for Bad Ass) I mean come on, that's what made Mr. T the mega hero he is today.

My money is on wikipedia as his source. =)
by Ziranthium    (Feb 3 2006)

jeremy says he didn't copy and paste it. it's like a book report. but you are right. it was wikipedia. you're so smart
by dave    (Feb 3 2006)

Yo Jeremy is the coolest guy ever to have lived.
by guest    (Feb 3 2006)

Mr T. is powerful. and he reminds me of the wind. this is a good website to talk about him.
by guest    (Feb 5 2006) and are my two main sources for information.
by SkinnyT    (Feb 6 2006)

look up deborah roth on imdb. it's my best friend from high school. she's on imdb, isn't that awesome?
by jessy    (Feb 8 2006)

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