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:the winds of power diary:
today i'm gonna get this website to allow audio and video uploads. i may have to set it up so i have to verify the video, so that creeps like jeremy don't upload videos that should stay in that box on the top shelf of their bedroom closet.
by dave


Hey man, we need to get together soon. I just installed mysql last night and i need help setting up phpmyadmin. Plus i know absolutely nothing about php.
by Ziranthium    (Feb 3 2006)

ok. let's try it this weekend sometime??
by dave    (Feb 3 2006)

i have no idea what you people are talking about.
by guest    (Feb 6 2006)

yo dave, i signed up with a user name and crap and i got the e-mail and i click on the link and it takes me to a page that just says "This is not you" and i'm really confused about that because I thought this is me. why does your website lie? its hurting my feelings.
by guest    (Feb 6 2006)

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