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Really Crappy Movies Piss Me Off
Holy crap. I just watched "Fever Pitch" with Drew Barymore and that retard Jimmy Falon. WOW, he makes me want to stab my eyes out. At first i thought, "hmm, ok, a chick flick i guess i can watch it, it looks a little interesting. Besides Catherine really wants to see it." WRONG!!!!!! Never again will i listen to that still small voice that tells me to watch movies. It's back to crazy violent movies for me. I mean at least then you get what you expected. Even if just one guys in a totally sweet way, its worth it. But watching Jimmy Falon painfully squirm as he tries to act just makes me die inside. You hear me....I'M DEAD INSIDE!
by Ziranthium


i really want to see god of war or lord of war or whatever it's called. i miss nick cage. big time.
by dave    (Feb 3 2006)

is your icon the blue screen of death?
by dave    (Feb 3 2006)

You know it baby.
by Ziranthium    (Feb 3 2006)

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