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The Big Spanish Fat Man
I'm listening to a song, it's a REM song, but is sung by my favorite chris carraba! Which really that whole thing makes me think of a BIG SPANISH FAT MAN. That's where I get my inspiration... I love to play games with others, mainly with their hearts, and carry their thoughts into the highest places. I try so hard to not damage their self confidence while trying to make the feeling of self worthlessness come into effect as hard as possible. I wish and pray that all my pain that I enflict on people will prosper into something a lot more than most people would ever think or WANT to happen. And that makes me smile :)

In closing the funniest thing I've found to be true in life is... "Death is funny" That is my quoto for life, and Lincoln has used it in many of his speaches during the slave times, and if you're a racist ME and HIM will ATTACK YOU WITH THE NORTH!

Peace to the world!
by mxpxboi


that is the best and truest post that will ever happen.
by dave    (Jan 17 2006)

So it is!
by mxpxboi    (Jan 20 2006)

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